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Old 03-19-2009, 1:24 PM
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Default When Bosses are Wrong....

Okay, so two questions, with a little backstory first.

My boss does not like to be wrong. She also is very anti ME providing anything other than 100% support of all of her ideas, since I'm "below" her in rank.

So, here's the thing:

1. I just found out that she's been spelling one of our most well known and powerful volunteers names incorrectly. FOR MONTHS. She NEEDS to know, but I don't know the tactful way to tell her at this point! No one's pointed it out yet!!!!!

2. She pronounces names wrong. I've actually tried to talk to her about this in a joking manner because she pronounces our receptionists name incorrectly. She said it's okay because people pronounce her last name wrong all the time and the receptionist should just deal with it.

I think that names are important, they're who we ARE, and it's not that hard to pronounce names the way the person prefers. The receptionist doesn't really care - and isn't going to put up a fight about it.

But she's started pronouncing volunteers names wrong too. Am I way off base in thinking that it's a little disrespectful?

(Maybe I'm just sensitive because my first name has been pronounced wrong a lot - actually making it an entirely different name - and I don't like it. My name is my name).

Ordinarily, I wouldn't say ANYTHING if it wasn't about me. I mind my own business. BUT our volunteers are the livelihood of our organization....and my boss will be writing things like press releases (where spelling names is an issue) and doing interviews and introductions to very important people in the community (in which name pronunciation should be correct I think....)

Thoughts on how to deal with this???
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